Inspecting daisies

By: itchierfeet

Nov 11 2010

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Category: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Insects, Macro, Plants


Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 500D

It seems I was not the only one inspecting daisies this morning in my front garden.  This tiny insect was collecting the pollen as I was photographing its beauty.


27 comments on “Inspecting daisies”

  1. Fantastic microphotography. Your model almost seems posed in the inner circle!

  2. Very nice capture. Great color and DOF! Love the macro shots.

  3. Nicely done!

  4. Good macro capture. Well done.

  5. this is FAB!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish my pics came out the way my eye sees the scene…but it never does! 😦 any advice?
    love your stuff!

    • You are right. You will never be able to shoot exactly what your eye sees through your camera. I was trying to take some bokeh photos the other day and what I could see was not what the camera would record! So advice here is slim I’m afraid. However I use mainly manual settings on my camera so that I can get my images as close to what I see, or want it to look like as I can. Thanks for the lovely comment too. Erin

  6. Oh my goodness this is beautiful. I love the details!

  7. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. It has been a while since I have taken my macro lens out of the cupboard and explored the yard with it. Was actually getting used to it again as I prepare to take some portrait shots soon for Help-Portrait day. Forgot how much fun this lens can be. Oh, and you have to wait for my next instalment, another macro shot that is pretty cool!

  8. Great details, nice take

  9. hello, i’m new to blogging and it has taken me a while to find a photoblog I really enjoy. and here it is. I was initially attracted to your beautiful flower pictures, because I have been painting a lot of flower pictures lately…but really every photo you post is great. I love the camel train.

    • Thanks for the nice comments. Glad you liked my photos. I hope that they can inspire others to get out there and practice.

  10. Its simply breathtaking! Nice work!

  11. Lovely detail in this image!

  12. Wow thats so cute!. What insect is that?, does anybody know?.

  13. That is a cool photo! Nice lens (or technique) you used here. I love the details!

  14. Oh my goodness! Stunning, amazing macro photography. I so want to get to grips with macro but trying to decide what macro lens to get.

    • It took me a while to decide. I just played around with the ones that I thought I would use the most, and decided on a 100mm macro lens which is also good for portraiture, and I don’t scare most of the insects away by having to get too close!!

  15. Wow, thanks again for all the compliments – the most I’ve received for any one photo!

  16. […] These images were taken in Sioux City, IA, a while back. I love macro photography, especially macro in nature. These were taken back in the summertime after my jaw surgery, so getting outside was a very nice change of pace after the hospital. I love the photography around WordPress, especially this blog. […]

  17. nice picture! greetings ixult

  18. Oh, my, goodness! I love this picture, it’s amazing!
    Great job Erin!

  19. Such detail!! Such COLOR!! Amazing!

  20. Very nice pic. Keep it up.

  21. That really is a tiny little fellow. Good job on getting the focus just right 🙂

  22. Just stumbled on your blog in the freshly pressed section..and am so glad I did…fell in love with macro photography once again!!

  23. Wonderful post, please do issue more such posts.

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