Fly lenses

By: itchierfeet

Nov 17 2010

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Category: Ethiopia, Insects, Macro


Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 500D

Recently, while taking some macro photos of the usual bugs and flowers etc, this fly chose to become the centre of my attention for a while – buzzing into view.  So I guess you could say this fly is not camera shy!  And just imagine, the photos that it could picture with those eyes?

What I love about this photo though is the amazing detail that we never pick up with our own eyes.  All the hairs, the lenses in its eye, and the amazing colours.  Usually we run for the fly swat, but I have to say that I am more fly friendly now.  I think he is actually quite handsome (and yes, I realise that I am calling the fly a he!).


6 comments on “Fly lenses”

  1. That’s a great shot. I’m amazed that it stayed still long enough for you to photograph it. I haven’t done much with macro photography – I think I need to get more familiar with the local bugs. 🙂

    • It’s actually kind of fun looking at everything in detail, you get such a different perspective on life around you. In regards to the fly staying still, I actually had trouble getting it to move. Even when I kept shooing it away it would come right back!

  2. wowow. amazing photo!!

  3. Erin this photo is really cool! I once saw paintings at an art show, that were close-ups of insects at interesting angles. I was really taken by the details in the paintings and thought that would be a really neat idea to try and reproduce. Haven’t done it yet though…But this photo reminded me of it! Nice work!

  4. The colours are amazing and the individual hairs. Gives me a new appreciation for these ubiquitous creatures

  5. Awesome photo indeed.

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