Bee Eye

By: itchierfeet

Nov 24 2010

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Category: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Insects, Macro


Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 500D

So lets call this one the third in a series.  I didn’t intend on uploading so many macro photos but this bee intrigued me so much that I followed it around for a few days and flowers trying to capture it’s amazing eyes.  I think this one shows that.


8 comments on “Bee Eye”

  1. Wow — Erin this is so cool!! But…I have a question: how did you know it was the same bee? ;). Really, this is so interesting — who would have thought there were eyes like this?

    • I know, I was mesmerised by those eyes! There are heaps of interesting eyes on insects, if only we take the time to look. It took me getting a macro lens to see them!

  2. Wow Erin! I’ll have whatever it had – looks like a buzz! (Sorry couldn’t help it, amazing photo.)

  3. That is a really cool photo.

    • That is sooooo cool. Thanks Grant. Just had a look at your Physics is Phun page and it looks great.

  4. Great photo! However, it is a fly that mimics bees, rather than a fly. The structure of the antenna indicates the identity of this insect. 😉

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