An Ethiopian Christmas Dinner

By: itchierfeet

Jan 10 2012

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Category: Ethiopia, Food


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

I love how colourful Ethiopian dishes can be.  The wats, or stews, generally come in yellow (Alicha – mild) or red (Kai – hot/spicy).  All meals are accompanied by bread, and in Ethiopia this is typically injera (a big sour pancake).  Christmas lunch couldn’t have been more traditional (my story about it here).


2 comments on “An Ethiopian Christmas Dinner”

  1. My mouth is absolutely watering. I used to go occasionally to an Ethiopian restaurant in Tucson and I could never get enough of the injera. Have you learned how to make it? If so, can you send me the recipe?

    • I haven’t made it, but have seen it being made. The one thing that you may not have easy access to is the tef (an Ethiopian endemic grain). I have read that they grow it in Australia (but not sure what for). It is possible to make it with other flour’s but it is not the same! You will also need a VERY big frypan, which you won’t find easily either. Then once you have that you also need to ferment the mix for 3 days (ideally). My suggestion is that you go up the road to the Ethiopian bakery (at Moorvale shops – they have a sign that states they sell it) and just buy it ready made!! But if you still want to make it yourself then here is a good recipe with a history lesson too! Let me know if you make any.

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