Golden Stonehenge

I am not even sure why it is that I have always wanted to see Stonehenge in England.  Perhaps it has something to do with its age, or its mystery, or its size.  Driving up to it and then walking around held me spellbound.

The fields around this monument were ablaze with Canola flowers, so I tried to find a more unique perspective while incorporating this brilliant colour.


9 comments on “Golden Stonehenge”

  1. Great shot ! Well taken! =)

  2. Great! Excellent photograph.
    I have several. Hope you like them also 🙂

  3. […] actually!) is happening upon some REALLY old rocks!  Prehistoric even.  I refer to Stonehenge (here is another of my images of it).  It literally appeared in front of us, slightly raised on a hill we were climbing amongst fields […]

  4. hmm nice one.

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