From the heart

Gelada baboons or monkeys are only known in central Ethiopia.  In large troupes, they populate the highlands above 1800m elevation, grazing on the plateaus by day and sleeping on cliff ledges by night.   They are distinctive for their red heart-shaped chest patches.  From behind the males (pictured) resemble a lion with a thick mane of long hair.

For the three hours I sat watching them one day, they groomed and ate.  In fact that is all I ever saw them do!  They chatted a bit in between mouthfuls of grass.  This big guy was about to yawn before lying down and stretching out (or was he singing?), I suppose all that eating and grooming is tiring!


5 comments on “From the heart”

  1. kinda feel the same right about now

  2. although his fangs do scare me….that yawn is just sooo cute 😉

  3. […] more prevalent than I have seen in other locations that spout this as an attraction.  The endemic Gelada Baboon makes this its home, together with Rock Hyrax.  Lammergeier, or bearded vultures, can be seen […]

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